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Advanced Dental Technology at ONATHAN J. GOLAB, D.D.S., P.A, Flower Mound

Flower Mound Dental Use of the latest knowledge and equipment allows Dr. Golab to provide his guests with the safest, fastest, and least-invasive dental treatment.

These are some of the technologies utilized for the welfare of our patients:

Wireless Intra-oral Cameras

This camera is the size of a pen and allows us to take a video of your teeth. The images are magnified and projected onto a monitor. This up close look allows us to detect cracked fillings, decay, or other problems earlier than ever before.

Digital SLR Photography

It is essential in today's dental practice to utilize not just point-and-shoot photography, but very high-end, digital SLR pictures. Before, during, and after photos, shot in the highest quality digital resolution, allow us an accurate view with no distortion or pixelation. We believe it is one of our best diagnostic and educational tools.

Digital Computer X-rays

These emit approximately 50 percent less radiation than traditional x-rays and are considerably more accurate. We can compare progression of decay from year to year by using a computer analysis program that actually detects the location and extent of decay. If an issue does not accelerate or grow, we may decide that it need not be repaired.

Diagnodent Laser

With this laser we can detect decay before it can be seen with the naked eye; even before an x-ray can find it. This technology uncovers decay in its earliest stages, allowing us to use drill-less dentistry to treat the problem without the need for numbing – overall, a more conservative approach than traditional dentistry.

Diode Laser

This fantastic laser can fight gum disease easily and painlessly, without the need for injections. It speeds healing time and comfort for any procedure, but its greatest benefit is that it can instantly heal cold sores, fever blisters, and ulcers – without any irritation whatsoever!

Air Abrasion/drill-less Dentistry

This wonderful technology is like a small power-washer for your teeth. By utilizing dried microscopic particles under pressure it literally sprays decay from your tooth, without anesthetic or drilling.

Self-contained H2O Systems

The water in our office is filtered to 2 microns. The water we use on each patient is fresh, distilled H2O - so there is no bacterial contamination! We refuse to use city water.

Electric Hand Pieces

We utilize the newest type of dental hand piece – ELECTRIC! The greatest benefit of this instrument is that it eliminates the unnerving whine of traditional dental drills. It is quiet and gentle as it runs at a very slow speed. The potential for root canals caused by traditional dental drills is dramatically reduced because an electric hand piece cannot damage a tooth.

Microsonic Therapy

This highly specialized instrument eliminates the outdated method of a hygienist scraping teeth clean. It actually cleans teeth sonically without any discomfort; without even touching your teeth! It is the most progressive standard of care in dentistry today.

Statim 5000 Autoclave

Our office uses the most advanced autoclave in dentistry, ensuring state-of-the-art sterilization procedures.

Surgical Telescopes

These specialized telescopes allow Dr. Golab to create highly accurate, secure, and long lasting dental work by magnifying the field of operation eight times! Dentistry should not be practiced without this high-powered magnification.

Surgical LED Operating Lights

These lights illuminate the doctor's field of vision so that he can see several times better than with standard dental lights. This simply means better, more accurate dentistry.

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Patient Testimonials

Jonathan J. Golab, D.D.S., P.A.
Rating : 5 5 Stars
"Unbelievable attention to detail. The quality of Dr. Golab's work is at a different level, way above any dentist I have ever been to. After seeing his work on my teeth, I am having him redo all of my previous dental work that I just thought was good!"