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Flower Mound area dentist offers minimally invasive dentistry with onlays: an alternative to dental crowns

Dr. Jonathan J. Golab of the Flower Mound area is a dentist who encourages patients to consider minimally invasive dentistry for their smiles. It is important that patients take good care of their smiles, but when problems such as decay occur, seeking a dentist who has your health in mind is essential. We believe that maintaining as much of the natural tooth structure as possible is key to keeping the smile looking its best, and encourage patients to take the time to learn about the ways in which we can provide successful alternatives to dental crowns. When decay is too large to be addressed with dental fillings, but too small to require a dental crown, we may suggest an alternative to crowns known as inlays or onlays.

Inlays and onlays are porcelain restorations that are suggested for patients who need to improve the structure of a tooth. This may be due to decay or other damage. A dental crown in some situations may be excessive. This large dental cap may be more than a patient needs. Instead, Dr. Jonathan J. Golab may advise the patient that an inlay or onlay is best. These restorations are made to repair a specific area of the tooth and do not require that much of the dental enamel be removed for placement.

Inlays and onlays are a great way to protect the natural tooth and give it another layer of protection without requiring the removal of more tooth enamel. Removing a significant amount of tooth structure is necessary for the placement of dental crowns to avoid added bulk. However, it is irreversible so it is important that patients think twice about having these more invasive treatments done. We recommend minimally invasive treatment such as inlays and onlays as opposed to other restorations such as dental crowns and can advise patients as to when these solutions may be more desirable.

Dr. Jonathan J. Golab is a trusted dental professional in the Flower Mound community, and he warmly welcomes new and existing patients into his state-of-the-art practice. Contact his practice today and learn more about the advantages of using inlays and onlays as opposed to full dental crowns for repairing the smile.


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