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Living Magazine Award-2016
The Best Family Dentist and The Best Cosmetic Dentist! Readers of the prestigious Living Magazine have awarded both of those titles to Dr. Jonathan Golab again in 2016.
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Dr. Jonathan Golab has been voted Best Dentist of Denton County 2005-2013
Dental Meridian Tooth Chart
FCA Awards 2016
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Rating: 5Lily C 5 Star Review
Dr Jonathan Golab, DDS, PA Reviewed by Lily C.

"I was extremely impressed by the level of service I received, starting with the scheduling experience to meeting Dr. Golab. I honestly can say that I have never experienced this type of customer center care."
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Flower Mound Dental Care

Jonathan Golab DDS - Providing services in dentistry to the areas of Flower Mound, Northern Texas (TX).
Flower Mound Dental Care
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Our belief is that we must not only treat the symptoms that have caused you to seek dental care, but we must also address the cause of the problem. Personalized care for every patient is our ultimate goal. Your initial visit is an extensive and comprehensive one. This is the time we can take, one on one, to listen to your wants, needs, and concerns. Our team will provide you with a thorough and honest evaluation of your overall oral health, ensuring that you make an educated and informed decision about your care.

Healthy gums are essential to a healthy smile and a healthy body. Many people don't realize that gum care is just as important as tooth care. The purpose of the gums is to hold the teeth in place. If gum disease is ignored and allowed to progress it can become detrimental to your teeth. More than 85 percent of people have some level of periodontal or gum disease. Even perfect teeth cannot survive in unhealthy gums. This is why we believe that dental treatment must begin with correcting any periodontal problems. When the gums are healthy we know that your dental treatments will last.

There are other important reasons to pay attention to diseased gums. It is known that the bacteria that cause periodontal disease are linked to serious health problems. These problems include Alzheimer's, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, poor circulation, premature babies and some types of cancer. Preventing and treating periodontal disease will have an impact on your overall health not just your teeth.

Often, gum disease can go unnoticed because the symptoms are not severe. By the time, you seek help you could already have bone recession which leads to abscesses, tooth decay and ultimately lost teeth. Do not ignore symptoms such as bleeding when brushing or flossing, tender or puffy gums, bad breath or teeth that feel loose. Our advanced treatment of gum disease is both effective and comfortable. We offer antibiotic therapy, high-tech laser therapy and microsonic scalers. We are equipped to treat even the most advanced gum disease to improve your smile and ensure your health.
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