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At Jonathan J. Golab, DDS, PA we use cutting-edge dental technology to provide you with safe, fast, and effective results!

Rubber Dam

If you are a dentist and not using a rubber dam, then you should not be doing dentistry. It is imperative if you want to achieve high quality, predictable dentistry. The rubber dam is a 6-by-6-inch square piece of non-allergenic nitrile that is used to isolate the teeth we are working on. I guesstimate that less than 5% of dentist use this. Why? They are in a rush hurrying patients through treatment and it’s just an “inconvenience.” Simply said, a rubber dam isolates the teeth from contamination, and of equal importance, you do not swallow toxic chemicals, pieces of diseased tooth, instruments, blood, etc., etc.

Self-Contained H20 systems

The water in our office is filtered to 2 microns. The water we use on each patient is fresh, distilled H2O – so there is no bacterial contamination! We refuse to use city water.

Onlays; An Alternative to Crowns

So often you are told that you need a dental crown. It may be because you have a large filling, the tooth is cracked, decayed, or simply broken. So many people ask “is there an alternative way to fix teeth without doing a crown?” Yes there is, and the procedure is called an Onlay. Onlays are a very conservative method to restore teeth. They remove only the broken, decayed, or weak parts o your teeth. Healthy, unaffected parts of teeth aren not removed.

Having more of your tooth means your tooth is stronger, healthier, and happier. 🙂

Air Abrasion/Drill-less Dentistry

This is one of the best pieces of technology we have here. It is a method of fixing cavities, WITHOUT ANESTHETIC/NUMBING. Since this“pressure washer” utilizes air pressure to remove decay, it literally “sprays away” your decay.

Wireless Intraoral Camera

This is the only wireless camera on the market for dentistry, and also the highest resolution camera on the market. It allows us our hygienist to capture images of your teeth and gums “live” while you are getting your teeth cleaned.The images are magnified and projected onto a monitor. This up close look allows us to detect cracked fillings, decay, or other problems earlier than ever before.

Digital X-rays

The largest advantage is that we can dial the radiation down to about 75% than traditional x-rays, and are considerably more accurate. We can compare progression of decay from year to year by using a computer analysis program that actually detects the location and extent of decay. If an issue does not accelerate or grow, we may decide that it need not be repaired.

LOGICON Digital Cavity detector

This is the only system that objectively scans your digital X-rays, and will tell you unequivocally where you have cavities, and also potential cavities. The software scans your xray, and literally finds “holes” in your tooth; it does this by evaluating if there is a “drop in density” of your tooth = a cavity. That way we are not just “telling you that you have a cavity” but rather, the computer accurately found it, many times before it gets large.

Digital SLR Photography

We are one of the few that employ high end digital photography and the instant documentation of your dentistry. Dr Golab takes a full set of digital photographs of your teeth, and then goes over these digital photos with you, and encourages you to participate in the decisions to make your teeth healthy. We are a team!

Surgical Telescopes

These specialized telescopes allow Dr. Golab to create highly accurate, secure, and long lasting dental work by magnifying the field of operation eight times! Dentistry should not be practiced without this high-powered magnification.

Surgical Led Operating Lights

These lights illuminate the doctor’s field of vision so that he can see several times better than with standard dental lights. This simply means better, more accurate dentistry.Our intra-oral camera is a wireless and handheld. The tiny camera at the tip of the appliance takes hundreds of pictures per second to capture an in-depth and accurate image of your teeth.

Dental Microsonics

This is an adjunct to periodontal therapy, and utilizes ultrasonic technology to vibrate the larger pieces of tartar buildup form your teeth, so that the hygienist can then use a lighter touch to gently plane your teeth smooth with hand instruments.

Periodontal Laser Therapy

laser periodontal therapy has many benefits and advantages over other treatment methods. Here are the main points in its favor: The cost of laser-assisted periodontal surgery is often the same or less than that of non-laser techniques. While the equipment is more expensive, less medication is needed and fewer trips to the dentist’s office.

Diode Laser

This fantastic laser can fight gum disease easily and painlessly, without the need for injections. It speeds healing time and comfort for any procedure, but its greatest benefit is that it can instantly heal cold sores, fever blisters, and ulcers – without any irritation whatsoever!

Soft Tissue Laser

A soft tissue laser simultaneously cauterizes and cuts an incision in the tissue. For this reason, laser treatment may reduce bleeding, discomfort, and swelling both during and after your procedure. We may use a soft tissue laser to treat periodontal disease by removing the infected lining of the gum tissue. This allows for the regeneration of healthy tissue around the teeth. Soft tissue lasers are also effective for gum contouring and crown lengthening if you want to improve the aesthetics of your smile.

Gold Dust Dental Lab

This is a world class dental lab that I have been using exclusively since 1997 for all my cases. They are very expensive, usually 4-5 more expensive than the usual dental labs dentists use. But quality is my main concern, not price. That way, I never have anything that does not fit, nor have anything that does not look awesome. I respect your time, your comfort, your trust, and your confidence. So by being precise, taking my time, and not “cheaping” out, you can be guaranteed that everything goes according to plan.

Electric Handpieces

I invested in these expensive handpieces as they were far superior to the traditional cheaper handpieces most dentists use. They generate far less trauma, heat, and friction on your teeth, thus being kinder and gentler to your teeth, while at the same time being more precise and effective.

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