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Early Detection of Tooth Decay is Imporant

Posted on 7/31/2019 by Jonathan J. Golab, DDS, PA
A patient having a dental examFlower Mound, TX - Most people are aware that it’s important to be proactive about health - and the same is true for dental care, says a professional with a Flower Mound dental office. Dr. Jonathan Golab urges patients to have regular checkups, and be aware of signs of decay to keep your teeth healthy. He says the most modern equipment can detect decay early enough to prevent more problems. And patients can also watch for signs. "Waiting until a tooth begins to hurt is not the best approach," Golab says. Some may recall the time when dentists used traditional X-rays or manually poked around to locate decay. At the Flower Mound dentistry practice, the use of intra-oral cameras has greatly enhanced the way teeth are examined. A camera the size of a pen is used to capture video of teeth, and live, magnified images are projected onto a screen in the treatment room. "This enables us to see and detect any cracks, decay, leaking fillings or other problems," Golab says. This type of technology allows us to treat and diagnose problems far sooner. It is now possible to detect problems much earlier, and avoid more extensive, costly treatments that could develop later on. He says, "digital, computerized X-rays involve about half the radiation of traditional X-rays, and are considered to be more accurate".

"Our state-of-the-art computer analysis program allows us to pinpoint decay and determine how far it has progressed," says Golab, who is a Flower Mound veneers provider. That makes it possible for us to compare progression over time. If a problem is not getting worse, a decision could be made to not proceed with repairs. "The practice also uses DIAGNOdent lasers as supplementary and diagnostic tools that can detect decay early enough to allow for dentistry without drilling," he says. "Patients can be proactive about dental care between visits as well," Golab says. Left untreated, cavities can cause tooth loss, infection and toothache. Signs you can watch for yourself include bad breath, holes or dark spots on teeth, or tooth pain. While the Flower Mound dental implants provider is certainly qualified to provide replacement teeth, the best plan is to keep teeth healthy. "It is a joint effort between the patient and dental professionals," Golab says. While we offer the latest in high-tech equipment, we encourage patients to take good care of their teeth, brush and floss regularly, come in for regular checkups and watch for signs of decay as well.
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