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Proper Tooth Brushing is Important

Posted on 7/31/2019 by Jonathan J. Golab, DDS, PA
ToothbrushesFlower Mound, TX - "While we are all told from an early age how important it is to brush our teeth, few of us are actually doing it properly," says Dr. Jonathan Golab, a Flower Mound dentist. "Everybody brushes their teeth, but very few do it the right way," Golab says, "with a focus on key brushing techniques, overall oral health improvements can be seen". "The most common mistakes made include brushing teeth too harshly, and brushing them too quickly," says the Flower Mound dental implants provider. "On average, people spend far less time brushing their teeth than is recommended," Golab says, "teeth should always be brushed for at least two minutes." "Some may find this difficult to do initially," Golab says, "but by focusing on two or three teeth at a time, it is very doable." Golab recommends a systematic approach, like brushing teeth in the same order every time. "It helps some people to time themselves," he says, “then, once you get used to how long it should take, you can brush more efficiently without a timer." "It is important to use the proper angle as well," he says. Begin by holding the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle, just where teeth meet the gums. Maintain the angle as you gently brush the outer and inner tooth surfaces, two or three at a time.

"This technique is much more effective at removing plaque and bacteria," he says, "a tight, vibrating, circular motion is best." "The inner surfaces of front teeth are best approached differently," says the Flower Mound veneers provider. Tilt the brush behind the teeth, using short, vertical strokes. Just the front half of the brush is used at this stage. The chewing surfaces of teeth, unlike the inner and outer, are best approached straight on, with brush bristles flush to the teeth. Here, a back and forth motion is advised, like gentle scrubbing. After finishing all your teeth, always brush your tongue. "Using the right type of toothbrush matters as well," he says. "Choose a toothbrush with soft nylon bristles to provide gentle contact with the teeth and gums," he says, "select a brush that is comfortable to hold, and one that has a head small enough to easily reach each tooth." The Flower Mound dentistry office encourages patients to take tooth brushing seriously, and enjoy healthier teeth and gums as a result.
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