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Treating Missing Teeth With Dental Implants

Posted on 7/31/2019 by Jonathan J. Golab, DDS, PA
A smiling woman looking in the mirrorLEWISVILLE, TX - Lewisville dentist Dr. Jonathan Golab treats many patients who are missing teeth and finds that dental implants are often the best way to handle the situation. Dental implants can become reliable replacement teeth for most dental patients. Implants are used in situations where a tooth is missing or where both the tooth and its root have been damaged. "If a tooth is lost," says Dr. Golab, a Lewisville dentistry provider, "it’s best to get an implant in place right away." The gap left by a missing tooth can collect food particles and bacteria - leading to additional gum disease and tooth decay. Implants can be inserted at any time, but it’s best to do so before bone loss has occurred, Dr. Golab says. Many dentists prefer to do the implant immediately after a tooth is extracted. The implant is basically an artificial tooth root that is inserted directly into the bone of the jaw. Once the implant is in place, Dr. Golab, a Lewisville dental implants provider, can attach a crown, bridge, denture or partial denture. They are the most stable and natural feeling tooth replacement option available. Implants are now the standard of care for missing teeth. "Not everyone is a candidate for dental implants, however," notes Dr. Golab, a Lewisville dental care practitioner. "You must be in good physical condition."

"Your gums and natural teeth need to be in good shape. And you need to have enough high-quality bone in your jaw.” Getting an implant is a two-step process. The dentist will give you some kind of local anesthesia and then will insert the implant into your mouth. Then you must wait; most patients must wait around three months, but the amount of time depends on the quantity and quality of the patient’s bone. During that time the bone actually grows around the titanium implant, anchoring it securely in your mouth - a process called osseointegration. After the waiting period, the dentist will attach a post to the implant and then affix a crown or denture to the post. "Getting implants once had the stigma of being a lengthy and difficult process," says Dr. Golab, a Lewisville cosmetic dentistry provider. "However, implants are now part of mainstream dentistry and are relatively easy and straightforward." They can also be cared for the same way you would care for natural teeth. With proper care, implants can last you a lifetime. "Patients report that their implants feel and act just like natural teeth," notes Dr. Golab, a Lewisville Invisalign provider. "They are thrilled because implants give them the chance to get their beautiful smile back - something that many of them thought was impossible".
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