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How Your Teeth Show You They Need Our Help

Posted on 7/7/2020 by Jonathan J. Golab, DDS, PA
How Your Teeth Show You They Need Our HelpRoutine dental exams can prevent most dental issues. Despite this, as many as 100 million Americans fail to schedule regular dental visits. However, putting off routine visits to our office will only worsen any dental issues you may have and can result in complex and expensive dental procedures.

Here are some ways that your mouth can tell you that you need our professional help to prevent more serious issues.


A toothache can cause anything from tolerable to excruciating pain. Even if the pain is intermittent and tolerable, it's time to schedule a visit in our office to determine the root cause. Pain and inflammation are probably signs of infection and decay that need to be addressed by our professional staff.

Irritated Gums

If you see blood when brushing your teeth, you may have issues with your gum tissue. Constant bleeding could mean advanced gum disease, known as periodontitis. Other warning signs include redness and swelling and/or loose teeth. Any of these symptoms means it's time to call our office as soon as possible.

Jaw Pain

Jaw pain could be a sign that you're grinding your teeth in your sleep, or it could be due to advanced decay that has progressed to an abscess or can lead to one. If left untreated, abscesses can cause all sorts of health problems beyond oral health concerns. In addition, we can recommend a mouth guard if the pain is due to grinding.

Bad Breath

Occasional bad breath from garlic or coffee is to be expected. However, persistent bad breath could be a sign of gum disease, dental caries or an underlying health condition. Schedule a visit to our office if bad breath remains even after brushing and flossing.

Dry Mouth

If you feel like you can't get enough water to keep your mouth from feeling parched, this could mean that you have a problem with salivation. Since you need saliva to neutralize acids and help you digest food, it's important to seek our help in finding a treatment solution.
Although making time to visit our office isn't always easy, it's necessary to preserve your oral health. Don't put it off any longer, especially if you are experiencing any of the symptoms above. Contact us today to schedule a thorough exam.
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