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Risks Associated with Dental Tourism

Posted on 9/7/2020 by Jonathan J. Golab, DDS, PA
Risks Associated with Dental TourismTourism is exploring! People like to go to new locations and experience something outside of what they are used to. Some even revisit a location they'd previously seen in order to see or participate in an activity that they hadn't gotten to before. Overall, this is a joyous occasion that everyone should experience, but it has its limitations.

At What Cost?

For instance, it's far less fun to casually travel through all your county's dental facilities – not to mention foolish. Establishing a single office to conduct all your oral procedures is, first and foremost, far more cost efficient. Plus, you have the added comfort of knowing the person who will be handling your mouth's care, and they the knowledge of your medical needs and history. Consider all the steps involved with an initial visit to the dentist. First, there is a long series of forms asking about your medical history, dental insurance, your dental history, and your family's medical history. If you had been to another dentist's office before, we'd like to have any and all records concerning your previous treatments from that office. With or without these records, you will then need an x-ray so that are staff can evaluate the current state of your teeth. Dental tourists usually only appear when something is drastically wrong with their mouth, so the next step of the process will include scheduling as many appointments as needed to correct the issue(s).

In contrast, when you continuously visit the same dentist you don't have to fill out any long forms or take an x-ray each and every time. Your dentist will be aware of the normality in your mouth, which will make it so much easier to spot any potential abnormalities. Tooth problems that are neglected until the last minute can usually be resolved before they become a problem if you see someone that knows what to look for. Let us get to know your mouth and we will be at your side when you need us the most. Call our offices today to schedule an appointment.
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