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Dental Implant Restoration
Flower Mound, TX

3D rendering of a dental implant next to healthy teeth from Jonathan J. Golab, DDS, PA in Flower Mound, TXDental implants are titanium screw-like posts inserted into the jaw to replace the roots of a missing tooth. A dental implant can serve as a base for a crown or dentures and bridges. It is up to the patient to decide the restoration to replace the missing tooth.

What Is Dental Implant Restoration?

Simply put, dental implant restoration is the process of the replacement of missing teeth. There are two primary components of dental implant restoration, an implant that serves as artificial roots and a restoration that can be a crown, denture, or dental bridge.

Dental implant restoration is changing the concept of traditional dentures as it has bone-preserving properties and fuses with the jawbone to provide a stable foundation for restorations.

Types of Implant Restoration

Dental implants are growing in their popularity due to their benefits and efficiency. They allow people to choose between different types of implant restorations for their tooth replacement. There are three types of implant restoration options.

A patient can opt to permanently replace their lost tooth with a single implant dental restoration. The replaced tooth must be cleaned and treated like natural teeth, and good oral health contributes to its longevity.

A dental implant bridge is an excellent solution for people who have lost two or three teeth. The dental implants hold the dental bridge in place, as two implants are placed in the outer regions of the missing teeth space. Once healed, a bridge containing custom-made replacement teeth is placed over them.

The third option is implant supported partial or full dentures, in which four or eight implants are placed in the jaw to hold the denture securely. This procedure is more comfortable than removable dentures, as the patient feels more confident while talking and eating.

Dental Implant Restoration Process

Dental implant restoration requires several appointments, and the dentist will first check whether your jawbone is thick enough to support an implant. If your jawbone is soft or you don’t have enough bone, bone grafts are required.

The dentist will use a local or IV anesthetic during the surgery to make an incision or cut in the gums. After getting access to the jawbone, the dentist will drill a small hole and place the implant inside it.

Over the next few months, the implant fuses with the jawbone through osseointegration. This fusion is what gives excellent support and stability to the dental implant.

When the jawbone is completely healed, the dentist will again make an incision to cut the bone tissue grown on top of the implant and then attach an abutment.

The dentist will take an impression to make a suitable restoration that will fit perfectly in your mouth. After the patient is given a few more weeks to heal from the second surgery, the restoration is attached on top of the dental implant.

Benefits of Dental Implant Restoration

Dental implant restoration allows the replacement of the crown on a dental implant. Dr. Jonathan Golab specializes in removing and replacing the crown without damaging the abutment and dental implant.

Dental implant restoration is a permanent way of restoring lost teeth. The process might be invasive, but it provides much better stability and convenience in the long run than dentures or dental bridges.

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Dental Implant Restoration | Flower Mound, TX Dentist
A dental implant can serve as a base for a crown or dentures and bridges. It is up to the patient to decide the type of restoration to replace the missing tooth.
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