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Dentistry for Kids
Flower Mound, TX

Children in the United States lose 51 million hours of school each year because of dental-related issues. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children start going to the dentist by the time they are a year old or within six months of the appearance of their first tooth.

A visit to the dentist can be a scary experience for your child. However, it doesn’t have to be. Getting past the fear and not missing dental appointments is extremely important for your child’s physical, emotional, and social health.

At Jonathan J. Golab, DDS, PA, Dr. Jonathan Golab can ensure your child’s primary teeth remain healthy and free of dental diseases.

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry involves the oral health care of children from infancy to their teens. It requires 2 to 3 years of additional training and experience to learn how to handle problems particular to children, like improper development of teeth, as well as how to make children feel safe and comfortable during a dental visit.

Proper Oral Care for Children

Teaching your child how to take care of their teeth from an early age is an investment that will help them throughout their life. One of the best things parents can do to instill good oral care in their children is to teach by example and keeping their own teeth clean and in good health.

Letting your child choose their own toothbrush and brushing along with them can encourage them to brush their teeth daily.

To protect your child’s teeth, you can teach them some simple steps:
•  Brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste to remove tooth decay-causing plaque.
•  Floss every day to remove food debris and plaque from in between teeth and under the gumline.
•  Eat healthy, well-balanced food and minimize sugary and starchy foods.
•  Take your child for dental exams and never miss appointments.

Things to Do For Your Child’s Dental Visit

Do not wait until a cavity has formed to take your child to Jonathan J. Golab, DDS, PA. The best time to begin your child’s dental visit is when your child’s first tooth starts erupting. This can help your child become familiar with the place and build positive associations in their mind.

If you have waited until your child starts experiencing dental problems, you can still make a dental visit a positive experience. Explain to your child that the tooth needs to be fixed and that you can get rid of the pain and teach them that seeing the dentist regularly can help prevent any problems.

If you promise your child a small reward after the appointment, it can further incentivize them to go for dental checkup.

Never use dentists as a threat to prevent your child from eating too many sweets or to prompt them to brush or floss their teeth. Doing so will only make your child more afraid of dental visits and make them reluctant about their appointments. The fear can also follow them into their adult lives and can have oral health repercussions in the long term.

If your child is due for their routine dental checkup, call us at (469) 444-7919 today to schedule an appointment.

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Dentistry for Kids in Flower Mound | Jonathan J. Golab, DDS, PA
At Jonathan J. Golab, DDS, PA, Dr. Jonathan Golab can ensure your child's primary teeth remain healthy and free of dental diseases. Learn more here.
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