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Laser Dentistry

A smiling laser dentistry patient from Jonathan J. Golab, DDS, PA in Flower Mound, TXNearly 70% of Americans suffer from some level of gum deterioration, ranging from gum line recession to gingivitis to periodontitis. The effects begin with soreness of the gums and minor bleeding but ultimately can lead to dangerous infections, tooth loss, and a general decline in overall health and wellness.

Clearly, periodontal disease should be taken seriously and treated promptly. In the past, and gum flap surgery were the only major treatment methods. But today, laser periodontal surgery is gaining acceptance as a beneficial alternative.

Laser periodontal therapy has many benefits and advantages over other treatment methods. Here are the main points in its favor:

  1. Less Gum Tissue Is Lost
  2. Lasers are simply more precise than manual instruments and are capable of targeting infected areas of your gums with little affect on surrounding tissues. It is a less invasive surgery that requires less cutting and results in less loss of periodontal tissue.

  3. Bleeding Is Immediately Controlled
  4. Not only is there less bleeding in laser periodontal surgery, but the laser immediately cauterizes areas where infected gum tissue has just been removed or vaporized. This means what little bleeding could occur will stop almost immediately.

  5. The Laser Is Highly “Flexible”
  6. The laser tools used in periodontal surgery can be easily adjusted as to intensity and wavelength so as to ideally suit each type of periodontal surgery. And the same can be done during a single surgery, if different parts of your gums require different “handling.”

  7. Recovery Time Is Shorter
  8. In most cases, your gums will heal much faster following laser surgery than after more traditional methods of periodontal maintenance. While there may be a little soreness temporarily, it will soon pass, and your mouth will be “back to normal” again.

  9. Laser Periodontal Surgery Is Affordable
  10. The cost of laser-assisted periodontal surgery is often the same or less than that of non-laser techniques. While the equipment is more expensive, less medication is needed and fewer trips to the dentist’s office. And your dental insurance will likely cover laser therapy as fully as alternative procedures.

  11. Laser Therapy Can Assist in Scaling and Planing
  12. Even if the condition of your teeth and gums requires some use of traditional scaling and root planing, lasers can also be used. As an adjunct method, laser therapy can make the process smoother and the results more effective.

While there is still a place for older methods of treating periodontal disease, modern laser-based surgery usually can do a better job, causing less pain, and at no greater expense. Laser periodontal surgery has many benefits and works well on all forms of gum disease.

If you are interested in any type of laser surgery, call us at (469) 444-7919 and discuss your oral conditions with Dr. Jonathan Golab. After viewing your medical history and your specific oral conditions at your dental exam, we will determine whether laser dentistry is the appropriate treatment for you.

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Laser Dentistry Flower Mound, TX • Jonathan J. Golab, DDS, PA
Here at Jonathan J. Golab, DDS, PA, we utilize laser periodontal therapy because it has many benefits and advantages over other treatment methods for gum disease.
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